Privacy Policy

1. Purpose and scope of collection:

Data to be collected from mainly includes: email, phone number, user name, log in password, and customer (member) address. This is the information that requires a member to provide upon registering the service and to allow to contact and confirm with the customer that registers the service on the website and protects consumer's rights.

During payment transaction on, we only keep details of the orders already paid by members while information on their bank accounts shall not be stored.

Members are solely responsible for keeping confidential and store all of transactions and services used under their registered names, passwords, and emails. In addition, members are responsible for timely informing of any illegal use, abuse, or violation of confidentiality, storage of registered third party's name and password in order for reasonable measures to be taken.

2. Scope of using the information:

The Company shall use information provided by members to:

  • Provide services to members
  • Pay fees upon upgrading members
  • Send notices relating to information exchange between members and
  • Prevent any activity intended to invalidate members' accounts or counterfeiting acts
  • Contact and resolve any problems with members in case of an emergency
  • Not use member's personal information for purpose other than verifying and contacting in relation to any transaction on
  • If so required by laws: the Company shall be responsible to cooperate in providing member's personal information if so required by judicial agencies, including: Inspectorate, court, public security in investigating any violations of law committed by any customer. Otherwise, no one has the right to access any member's personal information.

3. Information storage period:

The member's personal data shall be stored until any request for disposal thereof or so deleted by the member after logging in. In all cases, otherwise, the member's personal information shall be kept confidential on the server of

4. Contact of personal information collection and management party:

ANOVA MILK Joint Stock Company

Address: 65 Nguyen Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC


Phone: 0901 800 789

Hotline: (08) 37 763 763

5. Means and tools for users to access and modify their personal data:

Member shall have the right to check, update, modify, or delete any of his/her personal information by logging in his/her account and modifying personal information or requesting to do so.

Member shall have the right to send a complaint on information confidentiality and contact the administrator of in doing so. Upon receiving such a feedback, shall verify information, and if the feedback is true, in subjection to the degree of violation, shall take measures in a timely manner

6. Customer's commitment to personal information confidentiality: hereby commits to safeguard absolute confidentiality of each member's personal information on the website in accordance with its personal information confidentiality policy. Each member's information may only be collected and used with the customer's consent except as otherwise provided by law.

Member's personal information shall not be used, transferred, provided, or disclosed to any third party without the member's consent.

In case information server is attacked by hackers which results in loss of member's personal data, shall be responsible to inform functional agency of the incident for timely action as well as to notify the members.

Absolute confidentiality of member's online transaction details on, including invoices and accounting documents, shall be maintained administrators shall request members that register / buy membership status to provide full relevant personal details, such as: Full name, contact address, email, identity card number, telephone, account number, payment card number, etc., and take responsibility for the validity of such information. administrators shall take no responsibility to resolve any complaint regarding a member's benefits if it deems that the member's personal information as initially provided upon the registration is inaccurate.